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You may not be ready to turn down your thermostat as you settle into autumn, but it’s more important than ever to keep up with HVAC maintenance. Here are some key steps for getting ready for those rare chilly nights in southwestern Florida, even as you prepare for next summer’s heat.

Heating Systems

During our dry season, you may not find much use for your heating system. Still, you should have a technician tune up your furnace in the fall, checking that all exhaust vents outside and that wiring poses no fire hazards. To prevent future repairs and lower operating costs, have them also clean fans and burners, check for fuel leaks, ensure drains are emptying and lubricate moving parts.

Cooling Systems

There are many ways to avoid common air conditioning problems and ensure your system will function properly in the spring.

  • Change the filters every other month to improve efficiency. For window units, simply wash and dry the filter.
  • Hose off dirt or debris from outdoor units after disconnecting the power. In addition, use a nylon brush and garden hose to clean A/C coils. Clean window units in both spring and fall.
  • Find and remove any blocks to airflow around your outdoor unit, including plantings or fencing closer than 12 to 15 inches away.
  • Drain water hoses. Close the valve, shutting water off after hoses and pipes have emptied.
  • Cover outdoor units without fully enclosing them, as that increases the potential for moisture, rust and mold. Window units should be covered or removed and stored in a dry location.
  • Set your thermostat slightly higher when you’re out of the house and lower when at home. This lowers energy use and is easier on the system. Turn off window units when you’re not home.

The best HVAC maintenance for keeping your heating and cooling system in good shape is to have a professional contractor provide an annual tuneup.

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