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As an Ask the HVAC contractor, our company is backed by the Official Seal of Approval that assures you of the highest quality products, services, business practices, and security measures. The Seal is part of our ongoing commitment to our customers. It’s our way of making it easier for customers to access the crucial company and employee records and information that confirm that we are an HVAC contractor they can trust.

Ask the Seal Does the Investigating for You

Ask the Seal checks the official records, verifies the business documents and filings, and performs the investigative checks that help you make an informed decision about hiring us to handle your HVAC job. They also have a strict protocol for ensuring that the information is transmitted to you accurately and securely and that you have all the details right at your fingertips when you need them. The service is entirely free-of-charge to the HVAC customer. As the company seeking certification, we pay all the fees associated with participation in the Ask the Seal program. This means that your heating or cooling equipment purchase and installation; your plumbing service call; or your HVAC equipment maintenance or repair will proceed quickly and be completed without delay.

The Verifications that Ask the Seal Provides

Every Ask the contractor receives official verification of the following critical components of its business history, current status and its principals’ and employees’ backgrounds:


  • Business licenses
  • Business insurance policies
  • Business bond postings
  • Corporate filings
  • Service quality
  • Customer satisfaction

Company Owners/Principals

  • Clean criminal background
  • Clean sex offender background


  • Clean criminal background
  • Clean sex offender background

To provide further assurance of continued security as new employees are hired and to verify ongoing company fitness, Ask the Seal requires annual re-certification for all companies that participate in the program.

How Does Ask the Seal Ensure Customer Security?

Ask the Seal provides photo IDs for each employee as well as written verification of the company’s, principals and employees’ business and background clearances. This written evidence is e-mailed to you prior to your appointment date, along with a photograph of the employee who will handle your job. This gives you sufficient time to check all the pertinent information at your leisure before the date of your service. It also allows you to verify, before opening the door, that the individual who visits is the employee the company has told you we planned to send.

Ask the Seal: Your Guarantee of Safety

The company that qualifies for the Seal of Approval from Ask the is a reputable business that you can trust. We at Aqua Plumbing & Air are proud to hold this certification and hope you will give us the opportunity to show you how our fine record of superior HVAC service and our skilled and trustworthy employees can bring you the dependable indoor comfort you need.

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