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Changing your HVAC filter gives you cleaner air and a lower electric bill. However, many homeowners feel they don’t know how to do it. Fear not. Learning how to replace a HVAC filter is one of the simplest tasks to perform.

Why is it Important to Replace Filters?

Dirty air filters won’t continue to clean the air. That means you’d be breathing chemicals, pet dander, bacteria, mold and other pollutants. Many are invisible to the eye. Likewise, a congested filter forces furnaces and air conditioners to work much hard to pump air through vents and ducts. If left unchecked, it can end up in expensive repairs and breakdowns. That’s why it’s important to change your filter.

Developing a Habit of Replacing Filters

The typical home should change filters every three months. However, this rule of thumb is not set in stone. You should also take into account allergies and sources of air impurities. Homes with pets or allergy sufferers will need to change the filter every one or two months to keep clean air.

How to Obtain the Right Filter

The fastest way to find the correct filter is to bring the old one with you to the store. They should be able to quickly give you a new filter. If you don’t want to bring the filter, then examine the old one for the dimensions. They’re usually located on the edge of the filter. Note the thickness, height and width.

Taking Out the Old Filter

Before doing anything, make sure the HVAC unit is off. You can do this at the thermostat or at the unit itself. Otherwise, debris, objects and even the filter itself could be sucked into the ventilation system. Next, locate the filter. You’ll usually find it where the duct meets with the unit. Then, slide the filter out. You may also need to remove a panel or casing before you can reach the filter. Some have clips, and others require you to remove screws with a common screwdriver.

Putting in the New Filter

Once you’ve bought the correct-sized filter, then inserting it is easy. You simply place it in the spot from where you removed the old filter. If the filter doesn’t fit, then flip it over. Most filters must only face one direction to allow air to flow correctly. If it still doesn’t fit, then you probably purchased the wrong size by mistake. If everything worked fine, then replace any panels or screws. Turn the unit back on, and see that it runs okay. If so, then that’s it! You’ve installed a fresh air filter.

Aqua Air Conditioning in Bradenton, FL

By regularly replacing your HVAC air filter, you’ll breathe cleaner air and keep your electric bills lower. To further maximize the savings on your system and avoid costly HVAC repair, consider a regular maintenance schedule with Aqua Air. We’ve been serving Bradenton, FL, for nearly four decades. Call us today to find out about our precision tune-ups and HVAC maintenance agreements.

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