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Make the most of your smart thermostat’s automation features to optimize your Bradenton, Florida, home’s HVAC system. With built-in features and efficiency settings, you can use your smart thermostat to keep your bills under control without sacrificing home comfort.

Teach Your Smart Thermostat

Although most smart thermostats can learn your household habits and make automatic changes, it’s helpful to start by teaching your unit what you and your family prefer. Set a seasonal schedule that accommodates your preferred temperature during every time of year. Establish a daily schedule that allows the smart thermostat to raise or lower the temperature based on when you and your family are away. By altering these settings initially, you provide a basis for the thermostat to make adjustments right away.

Enable Away Features

When it’s hot and humid outside, it’s tempting to drop the temperature on your thermostat drastically in an attempt to cool down your home faster. This method is actually a myth that risks putting extra pressure on your HVAC system.

When you make a big temperature change, your thermostat might misunderstand it as part of your new preferences. To avoid any unexpected changes to your thermostats learned readings or your utility bills, enable the special features that maintain a decent temperature in your home while you’re away and begin cooling your home at a specific time when it expects you to be home.

Review Reports Regularly

Smart thermostats can also produce reports that track various energy elements in your home. These reports can tell you how much energy is used and at what times of the day. Determine how much energy your household is using so you can identify when and if changes need to be made to your heating and cooling habits to improve efficiency. Your smart thermostat might include recommended changes in the report, making it even easier to adjust.

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