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Before fall gives way to winter in Sarasota, FL, take the time to ensure that your heating and cooling system is prepared for the shifting temperatures. The best way to do that is to contact a Sarasota, FL heating and cooling company to schedule a fall preventative maintenance appointment. Preventative maintenance is a common service that is offered by most HVAC dealers in the area. For a nominal annual fee, you receive a tune-up for your heating system during the autumn season and an air conditioner tune-up in the spring. Most companies include additional benefits, such as discounts on future service appointments and priority scheduling.

Why a Preventative Maintenance Appointment in the Fall is so Important

When your heating and cooling systems in Sarasota aren’t functioning properly, it can be more than just an inconvenience. A gas furnace that is in disrepair can emit dangerous carbon monoxide odors or cause electrical fires. When you schedule a fall preventative maintenance appointment, a skilled technician will make sure that all exhaust and fumes from your furnace are vented outside and not allowed to accumulate inside of your Sarasota, FL home. He or she will also check all electrical wiring to ensure that no fire hazards are present.

During your fall appointment, the technician will also clean fans and burners, check for fuel leaks, make sure the drain lines are emptying; lubricate moving parts and much more. HVAC companies in Sarasota, FL typically supply service technicians with a preventative maintenance checklist before each appointment. This ensures that both your heating system and your air conditioner receive a thorough tune-up. Before leaving the appointment, the technician who performed preventative maintenance should provide you with a written report of all services performed. If he or she noticed any part of your HVAC system that needs additional work, this is noted on your report. As an annual service plan member, you may be entitled to discounts on future repair work.

Benefits of Regular Preventative Maintenance 

There are several benefits to keeping up with your annual tune-ups, in addition to preparing you for the winter months ahead. HVAC systems that are properly maintained require fewer major repairs, cost less to operate, provide better indoor comfort and last longer before having to be replaced. Your heating and cooling systems also produce cleaner air when they receive regular preventative maintenance. This improves indoor air quality, which is good news for anyone in your Sarasota, FL home who suffers from allergies or asthma.

What You Can Do Between Appointments

Both your heating and cooling systems come equipped with an air filter to capture dirt and other particles floating in the air.  Although your service technician installs a new filter at each annual tune-up, changing it once a year is not enough. The general HVAC industry recommendation is to change the air filter every three months and check its condition monthly. It is a simple task that helps both parts of your HVAC system run much more efficiently, which also results in lowered operating costs and improved indoor comfort.

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