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Leakage from a pipe or faucet in your Sarasota, Florida, home reduces water pressure, increases your water bill, and may also damage the property. Plumbers use visual inspection and electronic equipment to detect and repair the water leakage. If you suspect a leak or actually are able to locate the leak, it’s time to make a leak detection call.

Detecting Leaks Through Visual Inspection

You may want to check exterior pipes and hoses in order to detect the leak yourself before calling in a professional. First of all, make sure all the faucets are turned off properly. Look for leakage around the valve, spout, and drain pipe. See if you notice any sign of moisture in the walls where the water pipes connect. Next, move on to drain plugs where the pipes connect to the drainage. With the water running, check for any leakage.

If you hear a humming sound coming out of your water pipes, try to trace the spot where this sound is louder. This often helps in locating the point of water loss.

How Electronic Leak Detection Works

Leaks produce sounds of varying frequencies, depending upon the pressure and content of pipes. An electronic leak detection system uses a transducer to register a sound coming from your plumbing system. It then amplifies and transmits the sound waves to the security system attached to it. Based on the amplified sound and other information provided by the leak detection machine, a trained plumbing technician can easily determine the type and location of the leakage.

An electronic leak detection process is fast and precise. It ensures that the water leakage in your home is fixed at a lower cost than the manual detection process, which may often involve breaking some portion of the wall to access the pipes for inspection.

Our experienced plumbing technicians at Aqua Plumbing & Air would be glad to help you in detecting and fixing leaky pipes and low water pressure issues. Call us now at (941) 306-3715.

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