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House GuestsYou may know all about how to winterize your home – how to check up on your insulation, schedule your furnace or heat pump for annual HVAC maintenance, etc. – but getting your home ready for the winter can be even more complicated if you’re hosting houseguests over the holidays. Here’s how to focus your efforts to provide a comfortable home to visiting family and friends.

Tips for Hosting Houseguests Over the Holidays

  • Declutter your space. Clear off plenty of surfaces for your guests to use for luggage, daily items, and whatever else they may want to set aside. Be sure that you have plenty of space set aside for large items such as suitcases – ideally in spots where they won’t block heating vents.
  • Make sure anything your guests might need is easily accessible. Bath towels should be out in a visible spot, not tucked away in a closet where your guests might forget which door is which. Coffee makers and small snacks should be placed in a prominent spot on the counters. If there’s anything your guests might need, think ahead and get it before they arrive.
  • Make sure your guest rooms and facilities are stocked and cleaned. Launder any bedding that hasn’t been used in a while, make sure there’s adequate soap and toilet paper in the bathrooms, etc.
  • Move some clothes and small items into storage if you won’t use them over the holiday season, so that you can offer space to your visitors. When you’re hosting houseguests over the holidays, it’s always nice to offer them some closet, dresser and drawer space so they won’t be living out of their luggage.
  • Make sure that guest rooms are comfortable, that their windows aren’t drafty, and that they get good air circulation. If necessary, use houseplants and air cleaners so they can breathe easy while they’re visiting.

To learn more about home comfort, while you’re hosting houseguests over the holidays and long after the holiday season is over, contact us today at Aqua Plumbing & Air.

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