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Are you concerned that your home heating system may not be working to full capacity?  Troubleshooting heating issues can be the first step to getting your home back to comfortable. Here are a few troubleshooting tips to tackle (if you feel comfortable) before calling your trusted HVAC professional.

Check the Thermostat

What seems to be a catastrophic furnace failure may be simply an issue with the thermostat. Check the on/off switch, turn it on and put it to the correct temperature. If the thermostat is battery-powered, replace the batteries. If the unit is hard-wired into the home’s power source, check the circuit breakers for a potential trip.

Change the Air Filter

Heated air passes through the air filter, and if the filter is dusty, dirty or clogged, the furnace will operate poorly. Also, you’ll be exposed to allergens and dust that adversely affect indoor air quality. Check the air filter monthly and be sure to change it as soon as dirt and dust begins accumulating.

Look for Signs of Wear

Troubleshooting heating issues can be as simple as identifying worn parts that need replacement. Do you see a loose or worn blower belt or any furnace parts that are cracked or corroded? Note anything questionable and contact an HVAC professional.

A yearly HVAC tune-up will help keep the furnace working efficiently for the most comfortable indoor environment possible–and for the lowest energy bills, too.

For professional help troubleshooting heating problems in your Sarasota or Bradenton home, contact Aqua Plumbing and Air. We’re here to help!

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