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Rises in the price of copper in recent years have increased incidents of copper theft around the nation. This is a concern for homeowners due to the significant amounts of copper that are present in any home. One of the most vulnerable places copper an be found in a home is in its air conditioner condenser. The role of the air conditioner condenser is to shed heat into the exterior air, so it must be located outside of the home, which often makes it easy for thieves to access.

There are a number of things you can do to reduce the risk of your air conditioner condenser being ruined by thieves. Perhaps the cheapest step that can be taken is making it more difficult to see from the street. However, this also provides more cover for the crooks while they are dismantling the unit, so you’ll probably only want to use this if your condenser is well-monitored.

One way to monitor your condenser is by hooking it up to a home security system that can alert you and the authorities if any one tampers with it. This is great way to catch the thieves, but they still may cause some damage before they are caught. Due to the costs associated with home security systems, this option is best for homeowners who already have a home security system.

Perhaps the most cost-effective method for adding significant theft protection to your condenser is to add a protective cage. It’s important to use a strong steel cage that cannot quickly be bypassed. Any cage can eventually be defeated, but by adding extra work to the process you make condenser theft much less appealing to thieves. Even though condenser theft can cost you thousands of dollars to repair, thieves don’t even make $100 from scrapping the copper, so the extra work the cage presents can make it not worth it.

If you want more helpful info on options for protecting your Sarasota or Bradenton area home from air conditioner condenser theft, contact Aqua Plumbing & Air Quality Service.

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