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If you want to make sure your Long Boat Key, FL home is safe and sound, it pays to have the electrical system inspected from time to time. Many homeowners make the mistake of waiting until there is a problem with the system, and then call for help. The fact is that thorough electrical inspections can head off potential problems and make it easier to take care of them while they are still relatively minor. By giving us a call at Aqua Plumbing & Air, we can help you understand the main things you need to know about inspections, up to and including what to expect during an inspection of your home electrical system.

Inspections Take Time

Electrical inspections are not something that can be rushed. There is a lot of territory to cover and inspectors want to make sure every component of the system is working properly. This will include using devices that help to track current throughout the home, inspecting the positioning and security of any fuse or utility boxes connected to the system and even checking the electrical outlets. For someone who wants the job done in ten minutes or less, that is not going to happen. Depending on the size of your home and the complexity of the wiring, it can take a few hours.

Inspectors Have Guidelines

Even if you are engaging an independent company to assess the condition of the electrical system, the inspector will utilize specific guidelines to manage the process. Typically, the agenda for electrical inspections is designed to utilize current industry standards plus any provisions found in local building and safety codes. The general idea is to make sure that all inspectors are trained in how to conduct those inspections so that the information is complete. This is to your advantage, since the criteria helps to ensure nothing is overlooked and that your system remains in compliance with the codes that apply in Long Boat Key.

Wire Anchoring

One of the things that inspectors will look for is proper anchoring of the electrical wiring. This basically means that the wiring is held securely in position using devices knows as anchors. If the anchors are used properly, the wires are secured or anchored to wall studs at evenly spaced intervals. Local building codes determine the exact distance between each anchor.

Ancillary Appliances are also Checked

Many homeowners don’t realize that electrical inspections also include a cursory look at major appliances that are connected with the home electrical system. This means that the inspector may want to take a look at the electrical cord running from your refrigerator to the wall outlet. In like manner, attention is given to the cords that attach your stereo equipment, television set and your computer to the home’s wiring system. The goal is to make sure that the cords are in proper working order and not likely to trigger some sort of electrical mishap. At the same time, the inspection will also determine if you have too many devices plugged into a specific outlet, creating a potential fire hazard.

Rough Inspection Versus Final Inspection

If you are building a new home, there will actually be two different inspections. The first is known as a rough inspection and takes place while the construction is still in progress. During this phase, the inspector will take a look at the positioning of junction boxes and the wiring connections before the walls are enclosed. This helps to ensure that the initial configuration of the system is safe and in full compliance with local codes.

Once the construction is complete, what is known as a final inspection takes place. This inspection focuses on making sure all the outlets are working, lighting fixtures are operational and the right type of plugs are installed for heavier appliances. If everything is in order, the home will pass the inspection and you can begin moving your belongings into the house.

If you are in need of an electrical inspection, give the team at Aqua Plumbing & Air a call. Whether you need an inspection of an existing wiring array or want a qualified inspector to take a look at the wiring configuration in your new Long Boat Key area home, we can help. 

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