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What is a Plumbing Emergency?

When you need an emergency plumbing repair in Sarasota, the timing is rarely good.  Often we can walk you through a temporary fix when it’s the wee hours of the morning and then have one of our plumbers arrive after the sun has come up.    But, there are times when we need to fix leaking water immediately.

Leaking or Burst Pipes

In Sarasota, FL, warm weather makes it is uncommon for pipes to actually burst due to freezing temperatures. Homeowners tend to take fewer precautions to protect pipes in the winter but the occasional freeze can be a problem if pipes are exposed and suddenly you have a plumbing emergency.  A simple solution is to let a faucet running slowly until temperatures warm up.  Leaking pipes can be caused by any number of things and can cause a lot of damage to floors and cabinets.  If the pipe is carrying fresh water it is under pressure and may be leaking a lot of water.  Your home has an exterior cut-off valve that you can use to stop the water until we get there.

Hot Water Heater Explosions

A hot water heater can burst open due to too much pressure in the tank. This typically happens in the early morning or late evening hours when the hot water heater is not in use. Although it requires a plumber to turn the hot water heater off, there are some things you can do until we arrive. Start by locating your circuit breaker and turning off the breaker that controls the hot water. Or, turn off the gas main if you use a gas heater. To avoid this plumbing emergency, make sure that you check for corrosion in the tank regularly. If your hot water has a rusty color to it, call a plumber right away.

Overflowing Toilets

Needless to say, having an overflowing toilet is an unpleasant experience. Not only do you have human waste floating around, but no one is able to use the toilet until it is fixed. If you have used a toilet plunger already, do not attempt to do so again. There is probably a clog somewhere in your plumbing that you are unable to see. Regardless of the time of day, contact an emergency plumber to fix your toilet as soon as possible.

Aqua Plumbing & Air is committed to helping our customers maintain their plumbing so that they don’t need emergency plumbing repairs in Sarasota, FL.  But when there is an emergency, we are the area’s most trusted name since 1974.

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