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Strict new government standards for water heater efficiency will be 100% effective as of January 1, 2018.

What Does This Mean to You?

If you have an electric water heater larger than 55 gallons you will not be able to replace it with the same size. There will be no electric water heaters larger than 55 gallons made.

If you want to replace your larger-size water heater (55 gallons and above), it must be done before the supply runs out or by the end of December.

There are alternatives to the 55-gallon and above water heaters though. Here are our suggestions:

  • Install an 80 or 110-gallon Stainless Steel water heater (with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty)
  • 50 or 55-gallon water heaters can be installed with a mixing valve which will give you up to 10-15 gallons more of hot water
  • Hybrid water heaters can be installed that use 60% less energy. However, they must be installed in a room that has at least 800 square feet or in a garage, so there is enough “make up” air to operate properly.
  • Electric tankless water heaters are also an option, but the electric wiring and breaker have to be upgraded.

If you have any questions regarding replacing your current water heater before the end of the year, contact the pros at Aqua Plumbing & Air at (941) 306-3715 for expert assistance and advice.

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