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The WaterSense label is the water-conservation equivalent of the Energy Star logo that helps consumers choose energy-efficient appliances. Introduced by the Environmental Protection Agency two years ago, the WaterSense program certifies water-conserving products and educates consumers about the need to use fixtures that save water. These products include faucets and faucet accessories, showerheads and toilets, as well as some lawn-irrigation equipment.

Why conserve water?: The WaterSense program was initiated because of increasing concerns about the decline of natural water resources. Although 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, only about 1 percent is available for human use. The average American uses 100 gallons of water per day. While the U.S. population has risen only 90 percent since 1950, water consumption is up more than 200 percent. As reservoir levels decline, and safe ground water becomes scarcer, conserving water has become as important as saving energy.

But conserving water also saves homeowners money. Reducing water consumption through the  installation of WaterSense fixtures can lower water and sewer costs in the average home by nearly a third.  If just 10 percent of the homes in the United States used WaterSense bathroom faucets, 6 billion gallons of water could be saved, as well as more than $50 million in energy expenses associated with treating and heating that water for public consumption.

How WaterSense makes sense: The plumbing industry has quickly embraced the WaterSense program. A range of products has passed the third-party independent testing and is now certified to comply with the EPA standards for water efficiency and performance. Presently, the WaterSense label is on more than 300 kinds of showerheads, 730 kinds of high-efficiency toilets and more than 2,500 faucets and faucet accessories.

The WaterSense label empowers consumers to make quick comparisons while choosing from a variety of plumbing products. Here’s how typical WaterSense products stand up against conventional fixtures:

  • In general, a product bearing the WaterSense label conserves 20 percent more water but performs as well or better than similar conventional products.
  • Faucets with the WaterSense label and aerators that can be added to faucets are about 30 percent more water-efficient than regular faucets but still deliver water flow that meets EPA performance standards. 
  • WaterSense toilets use 20 percent less water with each flush but meet or exceed the performance standards of conventional toilets that consume substantially more water per flush. 

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