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Your Bradenton, FL, home does not have to be uncomfortable. Regardless of heat and humidity, your HVAC system can effectively maintain a pleasant indoor environment. Between scheduled visits from your air conditioning service, you can maintain your system to prevent problems.

Conduct your own air conditioning service by following these easy steps. First, pour a cup of bleach in the drain line every month. Next, change or clean the filter to ensure adequate air flow to your HVAC system. Third, have the ducting system cleaned on an annual basis. Aqua Air can clean the HVAC system and air ducts in Bradenton, FL. Keep the outside condenser unit clear of obstructions and straighten any bent aluminum fins.

Indoors, use your washing machine at night when outdoor temperatures are cooler. Your HVAC system will not have to compete with the extra humidity during the heat of the day. Use curtains or shades to block heat gain during the day. Ceiling fans circulate the air, making you feel cooler. Your local air conditioning service company can recommend the right ceiling fans for your rooms. 

Regularly scheduled air conditioning service will keep your HVAC system work at its most efficient level for the duration of its useful life. Consider a replacement if your system is ten years old or older. New building codes require a HVAC system to have a SEER rating of 13 or more. The higher the SEER rating is, the more energy efficient the unit is. New technologies are entering the market to keep your home comfortable while saving money at the same time. One technology pairs a regular high-efficiency air conditioner with solar panel power. This system reports up to a 60% drop in utility bills.

Aqua Air has expert technicians who can design and install complete systems for new and existing construction. Upgrading your system will save money on your utility bill and over time, the new system will pay for itself. 

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