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When you leave your Sarasota, Florida, home for a business trip or vacation, your IAQ or indoor air quality could suffer. Indoor air often contains pollutants, including dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold. Concentrations of these contaminants can increase when you’re not around to maintain your HVAC system and make sure your home is in good condition. When doors and windows stay shut for days or weeks, your indoor air doesn’t include any fresh air to circulate, it becomes stale, and pollutant levels may increase. Here are some of the indoor air quality problems you could notice after an absence.


Mold thrives in moist environments, so a minor leak in your roof or plumbing could cause a big problem if you can’t repair it because you’re traveling. Mold usually grows near the leak first. If the leak increases your home’s humidity, it could also end up in the ductwork, drywall, or even underneath carpeting. It can cause allergies, flu-like symptoms, and aggravate asthma. Before you travel, make sure all parts of your home are in good condition to reduce the possibility of a problem.


Many household pests carry harmful bacteria and leave allergens wherever they go. Nests or droppings in your ductwork force your HVAC system to work harder, wasting energy and shortening its life. Dust, vacuum, take out your trash, and store your food well before your trip. If you already have pests, an exterminator can help you eliminate them so they can’t multiply.


VOCs or volatile organic compounds are chemicals that could cause breathing trouble and even lung cancer. Air fresheners, paints, varnishes, carpeting, and other household items can contain them. When you remodel, look for materials with low or no VOCs. Don’t leave plug-in air fresheners in your wall outlets when you travel. They waste electricity and constantly release VOCs.

Aqua Plumbing & Air can clean your ductwork, install air purifiers to remove contaminants, add ventilators to prevent stale air, or add UV lamps to kill mold and bacteria. We can also help with all your other HVAC needs. Call us anytime at (941) 306-3715 for excellent service.

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