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178384618 resizedRunning your cooling system with a dirty air filter can cause any number of problems, all of which cost money, from increased electric bills to expensive repairs. Since cooling systems work hard in Florida, it’s a good idea to check the filter monthly and change it when it’s coated with dust to reduce the likelihood of damage to your A/C or heat pump.

Higher Energy Bills

When the air filter becomes clogged, less air passes through it. This slows the cooling process and reduces the volume of air going through the ducts to your rooms. The system will have to run longer to reach the thermostat’s settings, which increases cooling costs and adds wear to all the parts of the system.

Dirty Ductwork

A dirty air filter increases the amount of dust, pollen and pet dander in the ductwork that will degrade indoor air quality over time. The accumulation of dust may require professional duct cleaning to improve A/C performance and air quality in your home.

Frozen Coil

Less airflow over the air handler’s evaporator coil increases the potential for humidity in the air to freeze on the coil, which carries ramifications throughout your HVAC system, including:

  • No cooling. The refrigerant circulating through the coil is extremely cold. As frost forms on the coil, the refrigerant can’t remove heat from your home’s air, so warmer air will blow through the ductwork.
  • Water damage. As the frost melts, it could overfill the drain pan, which can seriously damage the area surrounding the air handler.
  • Compressor problems. The compressor puts the refrigerant under pressure and is the system’s most expensive part. A frozen coil doesn’t allow the refrigerant to change its state back to a gas. When it returns to the compressor, the refrigerant can harm this key A/C or heat pump component, with the potential to require an expensive repair.

If you’ve run your system with a dirty air filter, it may need a thorough cleaning to bring it back to top efficiency. Contact the pros at Aqua Plumbing & Air to learn more. We’ve provided exceptional HVAC services for Sarasota and Bradenton area homeowners since 1974.

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