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Zoned air conditioning can produce improved efficiency in your home’s HVAC system. The resulting energy savings are worth consideration, especially if you live in a large home. Many of our customers in Venice, FL get in touch to find out about ways to reduce energy costs related to their heating and cooling systems, especially in the wake of financially tough times. Others contend with areas of their homes that don’t cool consistently. System zoning is an excellent solution to both energy efficiency and home comfort issues.

The Basics of Zones

The idea of zoned air conditioning is fairly simple. Separating your home into different zones and using independent thermostats to maintain the temperatures in those areas allows for targeted heating and cooling. Each thermostat connects to a main control center, allowing for temperature measurements to be monitored and system activity to be directed.

Zoned air conditioning doesn’t require separate heating and cooling units. Rather, a system of dampers in the ducts of your home operates to allow the passage of air when heating or cooling is needed. Electronic controls cause these to operate based on temperature readings. 

How Will a Zoned System Improve Efficiency?

If your home is affected by an area that is difficult to heat or cool appropriately, a zoned approach can help. For example, if you have a problem with cooling your upstairs rooms during the summer, you may be frustrated when the thermostat reads a cool temperature and ceases to operate. If you adjust the settings so that the upstairs area gets cool enough, you may face complaints about the icy conditions that result downstairs. Zoning enables you to continue cooling the upstairs rooms without freezing those who are downstairs. Conversely, your upstairs rooms may get warm quickly during the winter. Zoning allows you to direct heating only to those areas that are in need of warmth. The efficiency improvements can be very dramatic.

Another excellent benefit of zoned air conditioning in large homes is that unoccupied areas don’t need to be heated or cooled. Guest rooms, work studios and other spaces that are rarely used can be moderated based on need. This is one of the greatest sources of energy efficiency and savings available with zoning, enabling homeowners to lower heating and cooling costs nearly 30 percent in some cases.

Will My Ducts Have to Be Replaced?

Designing a home for system zones is ideal, but existing ducts can be retrofitted to incorporate dampers and electronic controls. It’s important to work with a reputable company like Aqua Plumbing & Air to ensure that the work is handled properly. 

Ductless Zoning

It’s also helpful to note that ductless split systems provide energy efficient alternatives through individual room and area units. A heat pump is connected to each unit through refrigerant and electrical connections. This option enables room by room temperature moderation, very helpful at reducing energy waste. Whether you are interested in retrofitting your existing ducts or thinking about going ductless in order to take advantage of zoned temperature control, Aqua Plumbing & Air is ready to help.

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