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Many people are so accustomed to a ceiling fan spinning above their heads that they forget the role fans play in making their home feel cooler. But the fact is, outfitting your rooms with ceiling fans will help you save energy during the hottest months in Florida and allow you to hold off on turning the A/C on during mild weather.

ceiling fansCeiling Fan Cooling

A ceiling fan can’t actually lower the temperature in a room. The moving air creates a cooling effect. Homeowners find that they can raise the temperature on the thermostat a few degrees while fans are operating without causing any discomfort, saving both energy and money. Likewise, during milder weather when home occupants may be tempted to crank the A/C, they can instead turn on the ceiling fan and give the air conditioning a rest.

It’s important to remember that the cooling effect of a ceiling fan is instantaneous, so there’s no reason to leave these fans operating in unoccupied rooms. Without a person to feel it, there’s no cooling effect.

Ceiling Fan Warming

A ceiling fan can also help circulate warm air during cold weather. When you reverse the rotation of the fan blades, the fan pushes warm air that collects near the ceiling outward and then down into the room where people can feel it. However, in our warm Florida climate, many homeowners just leave their ceiling fans set to rotate for cooling purposes. (The switch is usually found on the fan housing.) Cooling mode, with counterclockwise blade rotation, is the default setting for ceiling fans, and many never get switched to clockwise in the cooler months.

When choosing ceiling fans for your home, make sure installation is handled by a trained pro. Depending on the size of the room, the fan will need to be a certain size for optimal results. Proper distance from the floor is important, too.

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