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Chemical drain cleaners contain toxic chemicals, and we advise our customers in Sarasota and Manatee counties to avoid using them in their homes. While a clogged drain can be frustrating, harsh chemicals found in most drain cleaners can actually do more harm than good. When faced with a slow or clogged drain, it is best to use a plunger to unclog it. If plunging doesn’t yield results, it’s wise to enlist a professional who will get the job done safely and without compromising the integrity of your plumbing.

Bad for Pipes

Drain cleaners can erode older pipe material when used often enough, causing it to break down and leak. When used in plastic pipes, it creates heat, which can warp or melt the pipe material, causing leaks to occur, as well. Chemical drain cleaners can also damage the finishes of your plumbing fixtures. With older, weaker pipes, they are an especially risky choice.

Bad for Your Health

Not only are chemical drain cleaners unsafe for your pipes, they are unsafe for you. They emit fumes that are harmful to breathe and can cause respiratory problems in both children and adults. These toxic ingredients can cause irritation and injury to the nose, skin, and eyes. If you check most drain cleaners in your local supermarket, you’ll see their labels state clearly that coming into contact with the chemicals inside is extremely dangerous.

Bad for the Earth

Harsh chemicals found in drain cleaners pose a threat to earth, as well. They don’t just disappear when you pour them down the drain, and they tend to absorb into the earth around your home, causing the ground to become toxic over time.

Take care of your plumbing and avoid costly repairs in years to come. If you have a clogged drain or need a plumbing repair, call in the experts who will safely get things flowing right. Call Aqua Plumbing & Air and speak with our knowledgeable and trained staff at (941) 306-3715 today.

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