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The method of water treatment you choose for your Venice, Florida, home depends on how you want to filter your water. Do you want to remove odors and improve taste, or do you want to tackle impurities? When choosing a water filter, be sure you understand what contaminants it will eliminate and the volume of water it will treat.

Jug Filters

The jugs, pitchers, or small tanks you fill with water from your tap are some of the most affordable and common types of water filters you can find. While they will catch some, but not all, contaminants in the water, they won’t work at all if you don’t replace the filters regularly. A filter that’s used for too long can release contaminants it has collected back into your water.

Inline Filtering Systems 

Inline water filtering systems treat larger volumes of water than jug or pitcher filters, but they are more expensive to install. Some of these systems connect directly to faucets, while others connect to water supply lines under your sink.

If you decide you want to buy a filter that connects to water supply lines, avoid any types with brass parts. The Center for Environmental Health has discovered that brass alloys in several under-the-sink water filters sold in California introduced lead into the water. Since this discovery, filter manufacturers have worked to readjust their filters, but you should still avoid those containing any brass parts.

Evolving Water-Filtration Technologies

New water-filtration technologies arise almost constantly. But how do you know which water filters may fit your needs? The following three organizations test and certify water filters and follow standards that the NSF has developed, so look to them for information about choosing the right water filter for your home: 

  • NSF International
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
  • Water Quality Association

Aqua Plumbing & Air aims to help you enjoy filtered water in your home. Call us at (941) 306-3715 to receive a free, no-obligation home water test. Using the results of that test, our experts can help you learn about clean water solutions available for Venice homeowners like you. 

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