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As the seasons change in Parrish, Florida, many homeowners notice a sharp increase in their monthly bills. The warm and humid weather in the area leads to non-stop use of the air conditioner, but these tips can help you reduce your dependency on the AC to save energy. Make a few changes around your house to reduce waste and keep your bills under control this summer.

Schedule a Tuneup

The first step in reducing energy waste is making sure your air conditioning system is operating at peak efficiency. Schedule a tuneup of your cooling system with an HVAC technician. During this service, the process includes a full check-up of the air conditioner, including the indoor and outdoor units, as well as some light cleaning of any dust and debris that may have accumulated during the fall and winter seasons when the unit wasn’t in use.

Your technician can look for signs of damage and perform any necessary repairs right away, instead of allowing the system to keep running and cause further issues. Routine maintenance is critical in keeping your cooling system in good shape and making sure it’s operating efficiently.

Cover the Windows

If you’re in the habit of leaving your windows uncovered all day, you may not realize the impact this habit has on your home’s comfort. The harsh UV rays from the sun can warm up the space, causing your air conditioner to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. During the hottest part of the day, use room-darkening drapes and UV-rated blinds to keep the sunshine out, which will help keep the rooms cooler.

Cook Outside

Cooking is a necessity, but heating up the oven when it’s already hot outside is a recipe for a hot house. Use your outdoor kitchen or grill to avoid heating up the house when you cook dinner. Not only is the process beneficial for your energy savings, but it’s also fun to get outdoors, cook over an open flame, and enjoy meals together.

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