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Your A/C Coils Should Be CleanThe A/C coils inside your air conditioner or heat pump play an essential role in keeping your home comfortable. When they get dirty, the efficiency of your system drops, and the dust and grime contribute to premature part failure. Central cooling systems have two coils, one inside the indoor air handler and the other in the outdoor condenser.

The indoor component, the refrigerant-filled evaporator coil, collects the heat from your home’s air as the refrigerant transitions from a liquid into a gas. The refrigerant is pumped to the outside condensing coil where the collected heat energy from inside is expelled into the outside air. The compressor in the outdoor condenser sends the now-chilled refrigerant back into the evaporator coil,. As the fan in the air handler blows over it, the cold refrigerant removes the heat and turns back into a gas. The process repeats itself throughout the cooling process.

When either coil is dirty, the heat transfer process slows, which makes all the parts of your system work harder. These tips can help you maintain clean A/C coils:

  • Have your system professionally maintained once a year. HVAC technicians use safe cleaners and tools to clean both the evaporator and condensing coil, along with testing refrigerant pressure that also affects how efficiently the coils collect and lose heat.
  • Keep the air filter clean. When it gets dirty, excessive dust entering your system can cover the evaporator coil. This lowers the heat transfer capacity of the coil, and the system will run longer. Pressure can build in the system, causing premature compressor failure.
  • Use care when mowing the lawn. If you don’t bag the clippings as you go, they can land on the condensing coil. The dirt and debris may also erode the coil, which may cause leaks to form, reducing refrigerant levels and lowering system efficiency. Gently hosing off the coil occasionally improves the coil’s performance, as does removing other nearby vegetation.

Having your A/C coils evaluated and cleaned prolongs system life and keeps energy costs in line. To learn more, please contact us at Aqua Plumbing & Air, providing quality HVAC services for Sarasota and Bradenton homeowners since 1974.

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