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While the bottled-water business has boomed over the past decades, this ubiquitous product has its downside. While most consumers believe that bottled water is cleaner than tap water, much of what’s on the market today isn’t even inspected by the Food and Drug Administration. Those plastic bottles have a large carbon footprint, as well. Producing and transporting the bottles generates a substantial amount of greenhouse gas. And despite recycling, many plastic bottles wind up in landfills. Although  It’s becoming clearer everyday that a  home treatment system is a healthier and more environmentally sustainable source of water.

A home water treatment system offers a healthy, cost-effective option that does not exploit the environment or threaten natural sources of pure water.

Methods of treating municipal water at home take many forms, including simple filtration, water softening, ultraviolet light disinfection, distilling and reverse osmosis. The most effective home systems generally use  reverse osmosis, a process that forces water through membranes under pressure to filter out the most  common pollutants, as well as solid contaminants, minerals and microorganisms.  It is a time-tested purification process that has been successfully used all around the world.Reverse osmosis improves water quality by removing the following components:

Dangerous chemicals: Arsenic, mercury, perchlorates and pesticides are all chemicals associated with heath threats when they’re consumed regularly in the water supply.

Unhealthy minerals: Mineral molecules are larger than water molecules and are effectively removed by reverse osmosis. Lead, salt, iron and calcium diluted in municipal water may all have undesirable health consequences. Over 90 percent of radon and uranium, which can contribute to elevated radiation levels in water, are also removed by reverse osmosis.

Microorganisms: Most municipal water systems remove biological contaminants. But if municipal water becomes contaminated in any way, the reverse osmosis system filters out microorganisms including those that cause Cryptosporidium and Giardia.  

In Sarasota, Bradenton and Manatee County,  Aqua Plumbing & Air has provided home comfort, indoor-air quality and water-purification technology for homeowners since 1974. Contact us for more information about a reverse osmosis water treatment system to safeguard your water supply.

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