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With summer winding down and the days growing shorter, homeowners in Manatee, Florida, are relying more on their outdoor lighting fixtures, which can really increase those utility bills. Opting for energy-efficient landscape lighting and developing better habits can go a long way toward keeping those home energy bills in check.

Switch to LED Bulbs

ENERGY STAR outdoor-rated LED bulbs are essential in outdoor fixtures. Not only do LEDs last much longer than conventional incandescent bulbs, but they also use less energy, which adds up to extra dollars in your pocket.

Consider Automatic Lighting Solutions

With outdoor lighting, it’s easy to install motion sensors, solar lighting fixtures, or even a timer that keeps your landscape lighting usage in check. Timers allow you to schedule your outdoor lights to turn off and on whenever you want, while motion sensors serve as an essential security feature for your home. Solar lights are among the most energy-efficient landscape options as they utilize the sun’s energy they collect during the day to light up your home’s pathway at night.

Rethink Your Landscape Lighting Design

When lighting your home’s exterior, brighter isn’t always better. Excessive lighting wastes energy, so think about the lighting needs of your most-used exterior spaces. Rather than light every corner and exterior wall of your home, focus on entryways, walkways, patios, and other important social spaces. You may be surprised to learn that your home doesn’t require a lot of exterior lighting.

Turn Off the Lights When Not in Use

Many homeowners keep their exterior lighting on at all times, but this simply isn’t necessary. While it’s nice to have your front porch light on when you’re coming home at night, you don’t need to keep it on once you’re home unless you’re expecting guests. If you’ve been using your exterior lights as a security solution, upgrade to motion sensors instead.

When you’re ready to upgrade your landscape lighting, call Aqua Plumbing & Air at (941) 306-3715. Our energy-saving solutions will add the perfect ambiance to your home’s outdoor spaces.

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