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Electrical issues are a serious problem that can put your Lakewood Ranch, Florida, home at risk for a fire or other major damage. If you suspect an electrical problem, it’s important to contact a professional immediately. If you’re not familiar with trouble signs, brush up on these major indicators that will tell you when something is wrong with your wiring.

Unusual Odors

If you detect an unfamiliar odor in your home, you should investigate right away to find the source. New appliances may give off a faint odor the first few times they’re in use, but this should not persist. If there’s nothing new in your home and you notice an electrical or burning odor, try to trace it to the source. If you come back to an outlet, don’t plug anything in until you can have an electrician look at it.

Flickering Lights

The first time your lights flicker or dim, you may think it’s a trick of the outdoor lighting, or something you’ve imagined. However, if you notice something like this more than once, it’s a good sign that you have a problem with your wiring. The most likely cause is too many major appliances on a single circuit. An electrician can help you move your lights to a different circuit or install a new one.


While lights themselves can get hot, the ceiling around your light fixtures should not be a source of warmth. You shouldn’t feel any warmth around your outlets, either. If there’s a noticeable change in temperature in these areas, it can present a fire hazard. Contact a professional to inspect the problem.

Tripped Circuit Breakers

Your circuit breaker may trip on rare occasions, but it shouldn’t be a common occurrence. If you’re experiencing tripped circuit breakers on a regular basis, this is a good indicator of an issue with your load.

If you suspect a problem with your wiring, contact Aqua Plumbing & Air at (941) 306-3715. We can help you diagnose and repair the issue so your home stays functional and safe.

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