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Your air conditioner should cool your home throughout the summer, but sometimes it needs an extra boost to keep your air quality high. Here are four easy ways to improve your Sarasota home’s indoor air quality.

Improve Ventilation

Stale air can quickly lower your home’s indoor air quality, so keep things fresh by improving ventilation. Make small changes by adding ceiling fans for increased air circulation. Install exhaust vents to pull moist, contaminated air from areas like your bathroom or kitchen. If your home doesn’t have sufficient ventilation, consider installing a ventilator to remove stale air while conserving energy.

Make Sure Your HVAC System is Sized Correctly

A larger HVAC system isn’t always better for your home. In fact, air conditioning systems that are too large for your home will complete cooling cycles without adequately circulating air through your home. This can quickly lead to stale air, increased humidity, and even mold growth. Consult with an air conditioning pro to make sure your system is the right size.

Keep it Clean

The state of your floors can have a big effect on your home’s air quality. When you track dirt indoors or stir up dust lodged in your carpet, your air will suffer. Keep your floors clean by vacuuming once or twice each week, and use a HEPA filter to reduce allergens. After vacuuming, mop any solid floors. Many mops don’t require detergents or solutions, so you can just use water. To decrease the amount of dirt that makes it into your home in the first place, set floor mats at every entrance.

Maintain Low Humidity

High humidity is unavoidable in Florida, but there’s no need to let humidity soar inside your home. You can lower moisture levels with a few minor changes, such as taking shorter showers and drying your clothes outdoors. Also consider installing a whole-home dehumidifier, which pulls moisture out of the air. You’ll feel cooler and breathe easier when your home’s humidity levels are lower.

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