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There’s nothing better than relaxing in a hot shower. However, when the water temperature turns cold, there is nothing relaxing about it. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to ensure you are able to maintain the perfect shower temperature in your South Venice, Florida, home.

Check the Water Heater

If your shower water gets cold quickly, you first want to check the rest of the faucets in the house to see if this is a singular problem or if it’s happening all over the house. If none of the faucets are maintaining hot water for an extended period of time, this means your hot water heater needs attention. One of our professional plumbers can inspect the electric water heater and address any issues that need to be fixed, like a blown fuse or sediment buildup. In homes with a gas unit, something as simple as relighting the pilot light may fix the problem.

Check the Hot Water Valve

There’s always a chance the valve to the hot water could be closed. Since trying to fix this valve yourself can be dangerous, you’ll want to have a professional plumber check and see if it’s closed or not. If it is, he can open it and you’ll be good to go. If it’s already open, this could be a sign of a bigger problem. You may have to have the entire bathroom shower valve replaced. A plumbing expert can easily install a new one.

Flush the Hot Water Valve

Shower valves wear and swell over time. Eventually, the rubber valves will break apart and travel to a port in the mixer valve, which results in a blockage. This is commonly seen in two-faucet units. When this happens, the rubber parts need to be replaced and the hot water valve needs to be flushed. This is a task you’ll want to leave in the hands of a professional plumber.

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