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Whether you’re getting ready to renovate your house or are building a whole new home, there are a lot of exciting and important design considerations in play. One of the most important decisions to make regarding your new construction is deciding on how the plumbing in your Sarasota, Florida, home will be laid out. The design of your plumbing can have a major impact on the flow of your home and the construction in general. Here are three important tips for designing new construction plumbing.

Wet Wall Sharing

Wet wall sharing is a handy way to reduce construction and plumbing headaches. It essentially involves having important plumbing on two sides of the same wall, like having the dishwasher on one side of a wall and a toilet on the other. By having the ‘wet’ appliances share one wall, you can consolidate drain lines and keep most of your important water lines in one general area for easy, convenient access. This can make future plumbing repairs a lot easier, especially if initially installed by an experienced and certified plumber.

Main Shut Off for Plumbing

While we all hope leaks never happen, they’re something homeowners should plan for. Leaks can be extremely destructive to the home and can lead to long-term issues, especially if not stopped in time. Having the main water shutoff located in an easy-to-access place can help stop leaks in their tracks and make it easier for your plumber to address important issues that require water stoppage. Convenient places are in the kitchen or near your other utilities.

Utility Conservation

Finally, keeping water and energy conservation in mind when designing your home can help keep your impact on the environment and your bills low. Common utility conservation choices include low flow toilets, tankless water heaters, and well-insulated pipes. You can also choose to install wastewater diversion, which allows water from plumbing like shower and sink drains to be used to water your lawn.

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