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During the wet, blazing summers in Sarasota, Florida, going outside may be the last thing that you and your family want to do. But even with the heat, soaking in some sunlight is just as important as always. A good way to get your kids outside is to promise that they won’t stay dry for long. Water games are an excellent way to get some sun, stay cool, and spend some quality time with your family. Here are three outdoor water games to give a try this summer.

Slip-and-Slide Baseball or Kickball

Who doesn’t love a good slip-and-slide? Just get three slip-and-slides, or make your own using heavy-duty contractor drop cloths soaked with water, and use them to cover the area between bases. Rather than running from base to base, the last batter or kicker has to slide all the way.

Water Gun Tag

Water gun fights can be fun, but the fun usually ends when there’s no longer any point in shooting a soaking person. In water gun tag, only one person has the gun, and that person is “it.” Once another person is tagged by the water, that person becomes “it” and takes possession of the water gun.

Water Balloon Piñata

Rather than buying a paper piñata from the store, tie multiple water balloons to swing-set monkey bars or another raised surface, then let your kids swing away and get soaked. However, since anything involving water balloons generally devolves into a water balloon fight, be prepared.

Plumbing Heads-Up

If you plan on giving these and more fun water sports a try, be sure that your plumbing is ready to handle any extra potential stresses on it. If you haven’t done so already, have a licensed professional take a look at your plumbing and perform any repairs or maintenance that might be needed to make sure that it’s well-prepared for a fun-filled summer.

Everybody needs a break from their busy schedules, and what better way than to get soaked with the family. To make sure your plumbing is ready for summer activities, give Aqua Plumbing and Air Quality Service a call at (941) 306-3715.

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