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Home technology has improved exponentially over the past few years, with new and exciting devices coming out every year. If you’re considering some upgrades for your Sarasota, Florida, home, here are three of the most exciting smart home appliances currently available on the market.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats have been around for a few years now, but they continue to get more impressive. These devices link into Wi-Fi systems and are more than just a way to change the temperature in your home. They track the habits and schedule of your household and create a personalized climate control schedule, so your home is both comfortable and optimally efficient.

In addition, smart thermostats connect to your home automation system for even more personalization options. Many can be controlled remotely and also allow users to check on energy consumption levels and the programmed schedule.

Leak Detectors

Leaks are a homeowner’s nightmare. Destructive and inconvenient, leaks can pool water for days before becoming noticeable. Leak detectors are sensors that detect moisture and send alerts to a connected device. These systems can be hooked up to smartphones and home automation systems through Wi-Fi, giving homeowners immediate information about leaks and their locations. These systems should be installed by experts who can place them in the best locations throughout your home.

Smart Switches and Plugs

Smart switches and plugs are the top new smart technology items. These allow remote access, letting users turn the electrical flow on and off remotely, and they increase ease of access and convenience. Some of these devices should be installed by licensed electricians and can make a huge difference in your utility savings. No more accidentally leaving the lights on while you’re away at work: With smart switches and plugs, you can control any attached device from a distance.

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