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HVAC equipment in your University Park, Florida, home is a complex electromechanical system, and electrical problems sometimes happen during periods of peak usage. If you notice a sudden rise in energy cost, frequent tripping, uneven cooling, or weird sounds coming out of the unit, it’s time to get your machine checked by a home-heating professional. Common electrical problems include tripping circuit breakers, failing capacitors, and faulty wiring.

Tripping Circuit Breaker

An HVAC system consumes a lot of energy and usually requires a separate circuit breaker. If your HVAC circuit breaker trips too frequently, it means that your equipment is pulling in more power than the breaker can handle. It can either be due to a mismatch between your system’s and home’s voltage or because of some fault in the circuit breaker. If the breaker is loose, your electrician may tighten it, but if it is defective or undersized, you may have to get it replaced.

Failing Capacitor

A capacitor regulates flow of power through the motors and the equipment. In an HVAC system, there are usually two capacitors, one for starting the motors and the other for maintaining a supply of electricity. Over time, the capacitors get damaged due to excess voltage and normal wear and tear. If your HVAC unit falters while starting up, it’s often due to a failing capacitor, but in some cases, there might also be an issue with the motor. In either case, you should get it fixed immediately because any delay can cause a major breakdown.

Faulty Wiring

Your HVAC equipment contains a number of electrical wires which may get damaged due to prolonged usage. Even a single loose wire can disrupt the flow of electricity in the system. Running your heating equipment with faulty wiring can damage the system and pose a fire hazard. Finding and fixing a faulty wire yourself is equally dangerous. You should switch off the system and call in a trained electrician immediately.

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