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The quality of the indoor air in your Lakewood Ranch, Florida, home may be impacting your family’s health and wellness. Poor indoor air quality is a growing problem, especially as people spend more of their time indoors breathing recycled air. Understanding some of the most common contaminants and how they impact your home’s indoor air can help you protect your loved ones.

Volatile Organic Compounds Affect Indoor Air Quality

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are particularly concerning because many people don’t realize that they’re present within their homes. VOCs include various evaporated substances that are emitted by certain furnishings and building materials. For example, certain pesticides that you use to combat the presence of insects and other pests in your home can emit VOCs that impact your indoor air. Additional things that may emit VOCs include carpet adhesives, air fresheners, cleaning chemicals, furniture, and even some of the processes used to prepare foods.


The presence of smoke in your indoor air can also impact its overall quality. If anyone in your home smokes, make sure they do so away from the house so the smoke doesn’t move into the HVAC system. Smoke from a fire can also decrease the quality of your indoor air, so be sure to have the home properly cleaned by a skilled professional to remove odors if you’ve had a fire in the space.

Biological Contaminants

Some of the biological contaminants that can reduce the quality of your home’s indoor air include certain types of bacteria, pet hair and dander, dust mites, pollen, and viruses. The best way to manage these contaminants is to make sure your home is cleaned and sanitized regularly, as well as to control the indoor humidity level. Moisture is a breeding ground for biological growth, and dust mites tend to grow in warm, damp environments. Make sure to change your HVAC filter regularly as well, as this is your first line of defense against contaminants in your air.

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