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3 Reasons Your Utilities Were So High This Month

With summertime in full force Sarasota homeowners will notice a spike in electricity usage this month. While the seasonal shift may be causing your AC unit to work harder, there may be other culprits causing your energy costs to soar. Aging Appliances Larger...

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Are Drain Cleaners Safe for Your Florida Home?

Chemical drain cleaners contain toxic chemicals, and we advise our customers in Sarasota and Manatee counties to avoid using them in their homes. While a clogged drain can be frustrating, harsh chemicals found in most drain cleaners can actually do more harm than...

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3 Reasons to Get a Clogged Drain Repaired ASAP

Dealing with plumbing issues at your Siesta Key, Florida, home is never a fun experience, but it's something you'll probably face at some point. Clogged drains are common, but they can quickly become major issues if not properly repaired. Water Damage One of the...

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3 Energy-Saving Tips for Early Summer

As the seasons change in Parrish, Florida, many homeowners notice a sharp increase in their monthly bills. The warm and humid weather in the area leads to non-stop use of the air conditioner, but these tips can help you reduce your dependency on the AC to save energy....

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Campaign Against Summer Hunger in Our Community

At Aqua Plumbing and Air, we not only care about our customers, we care about our entire community. That’s why every year around the holidays, we partner with the amazing people at All Faiths Food Bank to combat child hunger in Sarasota and Desoto Counties. This year,...

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Do You Really Need to Clean Your Ducts?

Dust, mold spores, pollen, and particulates: Could these pollutants be lurking inside the ductwork of your Sarasota, Florida, home? By cleaning your home's ductwork, you can improve your home's indoor air quality and the operating life of your HVAC system. The...

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Why You Need an Air Purifier This Spring

Tree pollen, grass cuttings, and airborne seeds: Spring brings a return of all of them to Bradenton, Florida. As doors and windows of your home open to the outdoors, all these particles can get inside your home. Maximize the number of pollutants you can capture from...

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How Regular HVAC Maintenance Can Help You Save

Regular HVAC maintenance is a must if you want to keep your energy costs low in Manatee, Florida. A preventative maintenance agreement can create a more comfortable home, extend your HVAC system's lifespan, and keep more money in your pocket, making it a worthwhile...

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How Home Automation Can Help You Save

Automated climate control, smart lighting, and sophisticated sensors can help homeowners keep energy bills in check. If you're trying to save money on utilities, consider home automation an essential upgrade for your Bradenton, Florida, home. Climate Control Did you...

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How to Handle the 4 Worst Wintertime Allergens

While many people think of spring as allergy season, winter can be just as problematic for allergy sufferers in Longboat Key, Florida. Rather than suffering through winter allergies, however, you can take steps to make your home more comfortable. From pet dander to...

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