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Having a broken AC unit in Sarasota, Florida, during the summer is not a pleasant experience and is something you should fix as soon as possible. If your unit stops working suddenly, don’t panic — it may not be as problematic as you think. If you do find that your unit needs repair, here are four ways to handle the situation.

Check Your System

Before panicking, check for a simple solution to your HVAC issues. First, make sure the batteries aren’t dead in your programmable thermostat — a dead battery will cause some systems to shut down completely. If the thermostat seems to be fine, the next step is to make sure you haven’t blown a fuse or lost electricity in your home. But if everything else seems to be in working order, it’s probably time to call in a professional.

Call Your HVAC Professional

Although it’s not a bad idea to check around your HVAC unit for obvious issues, a broken system is not a DIY project. Any aspect of your home that uses as much electricity as your HVAC system does is potentially dangerous and should be left to professionals. Furthermore, trying to tinker with a unit on your own can sometimes exacerbate an already bad situation.

A high-quality HVAC company will offer emergency service during off-hours or on a scorching day. However, before you call your HVAC company, make sure you’ve checked for obvious solutions and are able to describe the problem. If your HVAC system is still running but it isn’t running well, listen for strange noises and check for peculiar smells to report to the contractor to help prepare for service.

Cool Your Home Naturally

If your HVAC system shuts down completely, then you need to find ways to cool your home naturally until your contractor can diagnose the problem. Your first instinct might be to open the windows, but during the hot summer months, doing so can cause your home to feel warmer by letting humidity in. Keep the windows closed during the day, and close the curtains to prevent the sun from beaming in through your windows.

Make sure you and your family members stay hydrated to keep from overheating. Turn on the ceiling fans, and use your ventilation system when you are at home to help your home stay cool. If you start feeling too warm, consider taking a cool shower to help lower your body temperature. Of course, if you or your family members feel too hot, there is no need to risk anyone’s health. Stay with friends or family members, or get a hotel room, until your HVAC unit is fixed.

Weigh Your Options

If your HVAC system is relatively new, then it’s likely a technician will be able to repair it. If your system is aging or breaks down often, though, you’ll need to decide whether you want to replace or repair your system. A new system is a significant investment and deserves careful consideration. However, if you consider how much you spend repairing your unit and how much you could save on utilities with a new unit, you might be surprised to find that upgrading your system is a better option.

Once your HVAC contractor has diagnosed the issue, ask about different options for your home. Your type of system might not be the most efficient option available, and a ductless system or heat pump might be a better option for you. If your system is old, it could have a lower SEER rating than is now standard, allowing you to achieve significant savings by installing a more efficient Energy Star–rated system. Take the time to learn about all your options before rushing to replace or repair a broken system.

If your unit breaks down this summer, call Aqua Plumbing & Air at (941) 306-3715. We are experts in repairing and replacing broken units, and our knowledgeable staff will be there to discuss your options and repair your unit if that’s the route you choose.

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