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Tankless water heating is sweeping the country and with good reason. Homeowners love both the on-demand hot water and the savings. Also called “on demand heaters”, tankless water heaters deliver hot water usually within two seconds. With that kind of convenience added to the savings on your utility bill, you may fall in love with tankless water heating too.

Savings #1 – Fuel 

Tankless water heating works on demand through the use of sensors and computer boards. The sensors and computer boards monitor the flow of water and adapt the rate of firing to give you the amount of water you need when you want it.

Tankless water heaters save fuel because they don’t maintain hot water. Conventional hot water heaters keep gallons of water heated and ready but any time the water temperature in the tank drops 10 degrees less than the thermostat setting, it automatically turns on to keep the water at that set temperature.

This means your water heater is working to keep the water heated and ready even when you don’t need it. In other words, it’s using fuel or electricity off and on all day whether anyone is at home to use it or not.

With tankless water heating, the tank is “off” until there’s a demand for hot water. This type of water heating is more fuel-efficient because it is fully modulating. Fully modulating means tankless heaters only use enough fuel to heat the water to the set temperature and the current flow rate.

Think of it like you car. When you aren’t driving, your car uses no gas at all. When you sit at a red light and your car is idling, it is using very little gas. When you need to go, you push on the gas to go the speed you want, using more gas. Tankless water heaters work much the same way. They only use fuel when you need it.

The amount of savings you see when you switch to tankless water heating depends on different variables. Do you currently have an electric or gas hot water tank? Are you planning on installing an electric or gas tankless heater?

The best way to determine your savings is to look up the Energy Guide for both your current water heater and the tankless heater you’re planning on buying. Compare the cost of the two heaters and you can get a rough idea of your savings.

Savings #2 – Space 

Another way to save with tankless water heating is space. New homes are priced according to price per square foot. Conventional water heaters take up space in the garage or inside the home and require venting. In a two-story home, that means venting through two floors costs more money.

Tankless water heaters are mounted on the wall and vented through the sidewall. This not only saves on space, but keeps venting costs to a minimum. Another way to save with tankless water heating is locating the heater on the outside of the home. This takes up no space inside the home or in the garage, giving your family more square footage to live in – not store a hot water heater.

Tankless water heaters can be placed where you want them. Many contractors place them in the crawl space so they are centrally located in the home, thus reducing “lag time”. Tankless water heating can even be installed in the attic if a crawlspace isn’t available. This is something you would never want to do with a conventional water heater that can burst and flood your home.

Some contractors place more than one tankless heater in larger homes to serve different sections of the home. This cuts down on lag time and because the heaters can be located at convenient locations, space is saved.

Does Limitless Hot Water Sound Good?

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