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Home renovation projects are both exciting and stressful for homeowners. When planning and executing a major home renovation project, it’s important to keep your plumbing in mind. While it’s easy to forget about your pipes because they’re out of sight, it’s vital to include them in your plans. Here are five things you need to know about plumbing when planning your project to help guarantee a successful renovation!

Necessary Transfer

Before you start any renovation project — but especially in kitchen and bathroom overhauls — you need to know where your main pipelines are. Having a map of how your plumbing is routed in your home can help you avoid major problems and timeline delays caused by an unanticipated pipeline. If you’re planning on moving a sink or a toilet or a fridge, you may need to move pipe locations.

It’s also important to keep this in mind if you’re renovating near a bathroom or kitchen. Even if you don’t have a plumbing component planned for your renovation, you can’t discount the pre-existing plumbing. You don’t want to hit something important and have a plumbing crisis on your hand!

Preplan Piping

In line with the previous topic, have your plumbing plans cemented before you start your renovation project. Knowing what to expect and planning for movements or reorganization can help you not only keep on an appropriate timeline but also help structure your budget. Pick out where you want any new plumbing-related appliances to be and discuss the feasibility of this selection with your contractor. Changing plans midstream may not be possible with plumbing renovations, especially if you’re dealing with a major water source.

If you have an older house, preplanning is even more important. Plumbing from earlier in the 20th century used different layouts and narrower pipelines than modern homes. Planning out every plumbing-related renovation with this in mind can help reduce the chance of costly errors, particularly if you’re planning on including plumbing upgrades in your renovation!

Keep Organized

Keeping an overall plumbing plan organized is another helpful tip when doing renovations. It may be tempting to just reroute and not worry about the overall plumbing organization, but this can create problems down the line if you try to do another project later. Keeping pipelines and plumbing organized neatly within your home can save you a lot of headaches later. Having to refit pipes later in a project because your disorganization led to a plumbing issue is not only expensive but also time-intensive.

Plumbing Design Choices

If your renovation plans include major overhauls of your kitchen and bathroom, it’s important to decide on designs and appliances before you get moving on the renovation. Different appliances have different plumbing requirements. If you have a relatively new home, you should be fine to just reroute your pre-existing system, but historic homes may pose more of a challenge.

In addition, you may want to consider energy- and water-efficient appliances and faucets. This can help lower your overall utility bills and reduce your water consumption. These systems often include interior portions or different plumbing requirements. Planning on using these systems ahead of time can help your project proceed smoothly.

Budget Beforehand

Budgeting before your renovation gets going is vital for almost every major project. Plumbing renovations can be tricky, and a lot of issues can come up. Building some extra contingency into your budget can help reduce stress. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly, but it’s important to prepare just in case.

In addition, items like faucets, pipes, spigots, and drain components can end up being more costly than many homeowners realize. Know what styles you want and if there are any additional upgrades you want to include before your project gets started.

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