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The lighting in your home makes an important contribution to your comfort and satisfaction with your surroundings. A professionally designed lighting scheme complemented by the ancient Chinese principles of feng shui can yield a living space that is pleasing to your senses, practical for reading and other activities and soothing to your mind and spirit.

Feng shui is a Chinese design practice that encourages a positive flow of energy though harmonious living and interaction with furnishings, living spaces and natural surroundings. Followers of the principles say that feng shui originated more than 4,000 years ago. Feng shui holds that energy, or chi, is constantly flowing in our environment and has a positive or negative effect on us. By applying the principles of feng shui to professionally designed lighting schemes and interior design, you can create a positive living environment that will make residents happier and more optimistic, with more mental and physical energy.

  • Use lighting that creates positive energy. Soft lights are much better at creating positive energy than harsh, bright lights. In smaller rooms, one source of soft lighting might be enough. In larger rooms that need additional lighting, you may need two or more sources of soft lighting.
  • Avoid shadows in areas where you read or prepare food. Shadows in these locations tend to decrease positive energy. Make sure your kitchen and the area around your favorite reading chair is well-lit with incandescent, halogen or compact fluorescent lighting.
  • Use different colored lights to enhance or encourage different emotional states. Soft yellow lighting promotes relaxation, while pink lighting is calming. Purple lighting incites passion, while light blue encourages expansion and growth in harmony with your life’s purpose. Red energizes, while orange suggests warmth and encourages social interaction.
  • Feng shui principles also ascribe benefits to colored lampshades. For example, red lampshades in the living room are said to bring fame. Pink lampshades in the bedroom enhance romance. A white shade on a metal lamp in a west corner of a room is said to increase creativity.
  • Use paper or cloth lampshades to soften lighting and create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. If you want to energize your living environment and make it feel more active, use metal lampshades that reflect light.
  • Keep areas of your home well lit to promote positive energy, even remote areas and corners where light does not easily reach. Use mirrors to reflect light into these areas, and increase the positive energy within them.

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