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The opportunity to enjoy warm nights out under the stars is one of the great gifts of nature for residents of the Florida Suncoast. But ever-increasing urban-light pollution is gradually infringing on the pleasure to be taken from the nighttime sky. 

As if that weren’t bad enough, the bright lighting that you assume is keeping you safe could actually be making your home more attractive to intruders. Today’s green solutions for outdoor lighting solve both problems. Eco-friendly lighting lets you create a beautiful nightscaping design while reducing your energy bills and improving your safety and security. There are a number of easy ways to take advantage of night-sky-friendly lighting.

  • Light strategically – Instead of using bright overhead lights, design your landscape lighting to focus on gates, walkways, doors and windows. To light your walkways for safety, try green solutions for outdoor lighting, such as shielded path lights or in-ground lighting strips that focus light on the ground only.
  • Shield to your fixtures – Use fixtures fitted with shields that allow no light to pass above a 90-degree angle. These fixtures direct light where you want it while reducing light pollution and glare. Uncomfortable glare from landscape lighting makes it hard to enjoy your lawn and garden on warm Florida nights. Even worse, it can temporarily blind you and cast deep shadows that make ideal hiding spots for trespassers. It’s this shadow effect that makes a brightly lit property more vulnerable than a softly lit one. With properly shielded lights, trespassers have fewer places to hide, and you’ll always be able to see around your property. 
  • Try a lower wattage – Because shielded fixtures concentrate light, they provide better illumination than unshielded fixtures even with lower-wattage bulbs. Switching from a 75-watt compact florescent light to a 20-watt CFL can save you money while providing all the light you need. 
  • Install motion sensors – Lights with motion detectors come on only when you need them. These sensors are especially important for floodlights and other bright lights you don’t want on continuously. They can also improve your home security, because they can sense a trespasser and immediately illuminate the area.

These are just a few outdoor lighting options that can improve your property’s nightscaping, increase home security, save energy and preserve the dark nighttime sky. Contact us at Aqua Plumbing & Air, and we’ll be happy to help you find eco-friendly lighting and other ways to save energy. Since 1974, we’ve been working hard to help Sarasota, Bradenton and Manatee County homeowners stay safe and comfortable.

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