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You’ve probably spent a great deal of time and money enhancing the exterior of your Bradenton-area home. But are you losing all of that effort as soon as the sun goes down? A well-designed, professionally-installed outdoor lighting system can showcase your property at night, increase curb appeal and even add value to your home. In addition, illuminated premises are safer and more secure at night, deterring intruders and minimizing the risk of falls and other accidents. Here are seven outdoor lighting tips to keep in mind:

Spotlight on trees: 

The leaves and limbs of trees create interesting romantic effects when they’re embellished with light.

Uplight for effect: 

Sunlight from above produces its own predictable shapes and shadows. At night, well-planned lighting from the ground up creates other vistas.

Focus on essentials: 

Outdoor lighting can be used to direct street traffic to your driveway and foot traffic to your front door. Guests won’t have to troll along the street to find your home or fumble in the darkness to discover your door. 

Combine aesthetics with function: 

Lights used to delineate a walk or edge the driveway can also be used to illuminate interesting plantings or cast creative shadows. This breaks up the predictability of a succession of evenly spaced indicator lights. 

Mix and match light fixtures: 

Spotlights and floodlights necessarily get the most use in an outdoor lighting system. But an imaginative designer will also experiment with the broader stroke of area lights, the accents of step lighting and bollard lights and the versatility of post lights.

Keep it basic: 

Avoid the temptation to skip around the color wheel. A rainbow extravaganza has its place in a stage show, but stick with classic white hues when you’re lighting landscape and showcasing your residence.

Automate for prime time: 

Use a timer to bring all lights up at sundown. After midnight, program accent and scenery lights to shut down automatically with only key security lighting left on overnight.

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