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Managing the water quality in your central Florida home is a complex issue that has implications for both the enjoyment of your home and your health. It’s not something you want to entrust to anyone other than a highly skilled water-treatment expert. If you’re planning to invest in technology to improve the quality of your water,¬†look for a company with a staff that’s certified by the Water Quality Association.

The Water Quality Association is an international, not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping consumers avoid water contaminants like lead and arsenic, manage chlorine and hard-water problems and otherwise access pure, healthy water.

The organization runs a professional certification program for those involved in improving water quality at the point of entry and/or use. Those who pursue certification must undergo testing in their respective areas of expertise, such as sales, design and service. Testing covers topics including water treatment, water processing, electrical installation issues and sanitation, as well as legal considerations and ethics. Certification areas to look for include:

  • Certified water specialist: This certification is for those involved in selling, installing or manufacturing water-treatment products, as well as managers of water-treatment businesses. After gaining CWS-I status, a water treatment expert can undergo further testing for certification in water filtration, disinfection, deionization, ozonation and/or reverse osmosis.
  • Certified installer: Those involved in planning, installing and/or servicing water-quality technology can demonstrate their knowledge by passing this exam.
  • Certified sales representative: This certification, open to any professional who sells water-quality equipment, covers many of the same topics as the CWS exam.

Only individuals can hold Water Quality Association certification, so this status can’t be applied to an entire company or dealership. This prevents companies from using the WQA logo to cover all their employees, including those who may not be truly qualified. When you work with a WQA-certified water-treatment expert, you’re assured that he or she has the knowledge and skills to handle water-treatment technology correctly.

The certification is valid for only three years. Because the WQA requires regular recertification, you’ll know that any certified professional you work with is up to date on the latest technology.

Recertification doesn’t mean just passing the same exam again. Water-treatment experts can gain recertification credits by completing course work, attending seminars, passing state licensure exams and even publishing articles. This lets each expert develop and tailor his or her knowledge to best meet the needs of local customers.

So how can you find a WQA-certified water treatment expert? Look for framed certificates, WQA logos on business cards and wearable patches and pins the association provides to certified experts.

If you’re working on improving your home’s water quality, contact Aqua Plumbing & Air for guidance from a reliable, WQA-certified water-treatment expert. We’ve been serving Sarasota. Bradenton and Manatee County since 1974.

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