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The warm weather months can create added strain for your Siesta Key, Florida home. Whether it’s outdoor cooking or the sudden influx of visitors who are anxious to enjoy the sunny season, your plumbing has a lot to manage during this time. If you’re not careful, you may find you’re facing a slew of plumbing repairs in warm weather, but some preventive habits may save you the trouble. Look out for these potential problems.

Be Careful About the Garbage Disposal

Warm weather often lures families outside for cookouts and other festive meals. While these foods are delicious, there are many common fixtures on the menu that spell trouble for your garbage disposal. Used cooking oils will damage your disposal. Collect these in an empty can and dispose of them elsewhere. Keep large, hard pieces of food out of the garbage disposal as well. Set up a trash can that’s easily accessible for family members and guests, and throw away things like corn cobs and watermelon rinds.

To keep your garbage disposal in prime condition, run cold water through it for a few seconds before and after you run it. If it’s getting gunky, sprinkle baking soda in and around the disposal and pour a cup of vinegar down. You can battle disposal smells by sending some citrus rinds down. A few ice cubes will help clear stuck-on food from the blades.

Inspect Sprinkler Heads

Is the weather warm enough for your sprinkler system to come on? While this will keep your lawn lush and green, it can cause some persistent plumbing issues if you don’t care for your sprinklers properly. Always make sure the sprinkler heads are down before mowing the lawn. Inspect them regularly for signs of damage. Clean the sprinkler heads before you begin using them for the season, or as soon as possible if they’re already in use and you haven’t performed this task recently.

Check Outdoor Faucets

When the weather gets cool, you may not use your outdoor faucets for a few months. When you head back out and start using them again, take a moment to inspect them carefully. It’s not at all uncommon for leaks to develop during these periods of disuse. The earlier you catch such leaks, the better your chances of avoiding serious water damage to your home.

If you accidentally use a leaky faucet for a major task like washing the car or running a sprinkler, you could make the problem much worse. If you notice any signs of a leak, call a professional for plumbing services right away.

Schedule a Sewer Line Inspection

Warm weather months bring increased rainfall. This can enter sewer pipes though tiny cracks and cause backups. There’s nothing more unsettling than a backed up sewer line. It’s difficult to detect weaknesses in the sewer line yourself. Schedule regular inspections so you can catch any problems as early as possible. If you can catch issues early, your plumber can recommend the proper drain cleaning methods and repair tactics to prevent a backup later.

Teach Your Family Smart Habits

During school holidays like spring break and summer vacation, your home has a lot more people in it. All kinds of common bathroom problems can crop up during these periods. More showers from outdoor play, more flushes from a larger family in the house, and greater overall traffic will put added strain on your plumbing.

Teach your kids to use the appropriate amount of toilet tissue and flush just once to avoid putting unnecessary wear on your toilet. Limit shower times, and review the proper process for brushing teeth without letting the water run and washing hands thoroughly but efficiently. You may want to consider some bathroom upgrades just before your family is home on vacation so you’re better prepared for the added traffic.

If you’re experiencing plumbing problems of any kind during the warm weather season, contact Aqua Plumbing & Air at (941) 306-3715. We can help you diagnose and solve any issues facing your home so you can enjoy the pleasant weather worry-free.

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