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Maintaining your heat pump and getting it ready for winter is important to make sure it operates efficiently through the Sarasota, Florida, winter season. Without proper maintenance, a heat pump will use much more energy than a well-maintained one, resulting in higher energy bills. A poorly maintained heat pump is also more likely to experience problems when you need it most. Here are some steps you can take to get your heat pump ready for Florida’s cool winter.

Check the Air Filter

Keeping your air filter clean is an easy first step to readying your heat pump for winter. The air filter is probably full of dust and dirt after working hard for you all summer, and keeping your air filter clean will help keep dirt buildup out of the system. When you start to use your heat regularly, check the filter once a month and change it as needed.

Clear the Area

Grass and leaves build up around the outside unit, which can block air flow into the system and create dirt buildup on the coils. Branches and other debris can get caught in the fan or condenser and can cause the heat pump to break down. The unit needs several feet of clearance for air circulation, so make sure to keep the area clear of overgrown summer vegetation or debris from summertime storms to get your heat pump ready for winter.

Turn On the System While It’s Still Warm Out

When you first turn on the heat pump after its hibernation during hot Florida summer months, it might smell like something is burning. This is just because the furnace is burning dust that has collected in the system. Turning on the system while it’s still warm out allows you to open your windows to let the burning smell out and gets your system ready for the cooler months to come.

Keep an Eye for Warning Signs

Now that winter is around the corner, keep an eye out for signs that there may be a malfunction so you can call a professional to service it before you really need heat.

One sign that you may have a problem includes smelling something like a dirty sock. This is because bacteria may begin to grow on the indoor coils of a heat pump. If you think you may have this problem, give your local technician a call to eliminate and prevent further bacteria growth.

Another sign is that your heat pump is blowing cold air when it should be warm air. If your house feels warm and you’re comfortable, the heat pump is probably doing a good job. However, if you experience unreliable heating, have a technician check out the outdoor heat pump unit.

Schedule a Professional Heat Pump Maintenance Service Call

Your qualified HVAC technician will give your heat pump a professional tuneup, including checking the refrigerant level, checking for leaks, checking the wiring, checking the system’s performance, tightening electrical connections and belts, and lubricating the motor. There are many things you can do yourself to get your heat pump ready for winter, but it’s always good to schedule routine maintenance to keep your system running as long as possible and guarantee you have a warm winter.

Regular maintenance will guarantee that your system works as well in Florida’s winters as it did in Florida’s summers. Maintenance before winter is important to keep your heat pump working in top condition and keep you comfortable in the cooler months. To schedule an appointment for routine maintenance with Aqua Plumbing & Air, call us at (941) 306-3715, and one of our professional contractors will help you get your heat pump ready for winter in Florida.

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