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From unexpected problems like leaky pipes to chronic issues like bad water pressure, Lakewood Beach, Florida, homeowners endure their fair share of plumbing troubles. Check out these six common plumbing problems in Florida, and learn some easy fixes.

Dripping Faucets

Whether they’re producing just an occasional drip or a constant stream of excess water, dripping faucets can easily drive you crazy. After all, leaky faucets aren’t just irritating to listen to. The wasted water can also drive up your water bill, and the pooled water can lead to expensive damage.

First, try the simplest solution, and turn the faucet as far toward the off position as possible. If that doesn’t stop the dripping, the faucet most likely has a worn washer. You may be able to take the faucet apart and replace the washer, especially if you’ve done basic plumbing tasks before.

If this sounds too complex, don’t hesitate to call the experienced plumbers at Aqua Plumbing and Air for help. We’re no strangers to leaky faucets, and our technicians can stop those annoying drips in no time.

Mold and Mildew Growth

Drips and leaks can lead to mold and mildew growth, especially if your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room tends to be overly moist. You can usually stop mold in its tracks with regular, thorough cleaning. If a minor mold issue becomes an large problem, however, you might need to take additional steps.

In addition to plumbing expertise, our technicians also have extensive HVAC knowledge. Whether you need a whole-home dehumidifier to tackle moisture problems or an ultraviolet (UV) lamp to address mold growth, we have the solution.

Malfunctioning Toilets

From overflowing to clogging to running continuously, toilets can develop an extensive list of persistent problems. If your toilet has never had prior problems with clogging or overflowing, you may be able to remove the clog and stop the overflowing by using a plunger or even a snake. Chronic overflows typically require professional assistance, since the root of the problem could be a sewer line blockage or a septic tank issue.

Along the same lines, you may be able to resolve an occasional running toilet problem by adjusting or replacing the flapper valve inside the tank. If your toilet continually runs after each flush or is flushing weakly, call the pros at Aqua Plumbing and ask about our toilet tune-up special.

Plugged Drains

From the kitchen sink to the bathroom shower, it seems like all drains are susceptible to clogs. If you notice slow drainage in the kitchen or bathroom, try cleaning in and around the drain. In the shower, you’ll want to be sure to remove accumulated soap scum and other debris. In the kitchen, try running the garbage disposal to remove food scraps.

If slow drainage persists, you may need professional clog removal and drain cleaning. Consider signing up for our plumbing maintenance program, which includes drain clearing, coverage on the main plumbing components, and unlimited service calls to handle any issues that arise.

Leaking Pipes

If you live in a vintage home or a house with an older plumbing system, you’ve undoubtedly encountered a leaky pipe or two. Though municipal treatments keep the water safe for drinking and bathing, elements like chlorine, oxygen, and hydrogen sulfide can corrode pipes over time.

Since leaky pipes tend to signal large-scale issues that can quickly spiral out of control, call Aqua Plumbing right away if you notice leaks. Our professional plumbing repairs offer effective, long-lasting solutions rather than quick patches.

Poor Water Pressure

Low water pressure in the shower, sink, or toilet can be either an isolated or a widespread problem. If it only affects one faucet or showerhead, try an easy fix like cleaning or replacing the device.

If low water pressure impacts your entire home, it’s time to call the pros. This could be a sign of a hidden leak or blockage in your plumbing system, which isn’t something you should tackle on your own.

When you need to consult a plumber, give the experienced plumbers at Aqua Plumbing and Air a call. We’re here when you need us: (941) 306-3715.

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