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You have a number of considerations to keep in mind when you’re choosing a flat-screen TV. The brand, the size, the cost and the features you want are all important factors. But in addition to the television itself, you need to give some thought to installation. Mounting a television securely on the wall is a bit more involved than simply putting it in a cabinet or on a shelf. A good TV installation is safe and sturdy, as well as comfortable to watch and aesthetically pleasing. Here are four things to keep in mind when you’re having your flat-screen TV installed.

  1. Brackets. Brackets hold the TV to the wall. They need to be strong and durable to ensure that the television doesn’t fall off the wall or do a lot of damage to the wall. The kind of bracket you need depends largely on the size of your television. You can find brackets that allow you to tilt or angle your TV to optimize your viewing experience.
  2. Wiring. Wires hanging down from a flat-screen TV are unsightly. They can be hidden in two ways. The first way is track molding. Track molding covers your cord inconspicuously as it runs down the wall to the nearest outlet. The second way is to run the wires inside the wall, so that only a little bit of wiring is visible. This is a more expensive procedure and is most easily done if you’re building a home or home theater from scratch. But it is not only more aesthetic, but also safer if you have children and pets. 
  3. Location. Your flat-screen TV should be at a height where it can be seen and enjoyed clearly without causing any neck strain. It should be positioned on a wall that won’t catch a lot of glare from nearby windows. You should be able to position your couch and other furniture to face the TV – a safe distance away – for comfortable viewing. And it should be in a spot that’s conducive to easy wiring.
  4. Sound system. You may decide to purchase a separate surround sound system for your flat-screen TV. You will need a number of additional cables (such as A/V and HDMI) to connect the TV and the system. Talk to your installation technician about your particular requirements. 

For expert flat-screen TV installation, as well as help with other electrical and home-comfort issues, contact our technicians at Aqua Plumbing & Air. We’ve been the trusted source for electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling in Sarasota, Bradenton and Manatee County since 1974.

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