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According to the National Ground Water Association, well water should be tested at least once a year. That once yearly concept is a baseline; changes in your water’s smell, taste, or color as well as malfunctioning septic systems and other events can require more tests. So how can homeowners in Bradenton, Florida, know if they need to have their well water tested more than once a year?

Homeowner Health

If you or other people living in your home are experiencing frequent bouts of gastrointestinal illnesses, the culprit may be the water that you are drinking, washing your dishes with, and using for showers. For example, it may be the fault of coliform bacteria, which can thrive and reproduce in water. Our water testing professionals can perform a coliform bacteria test that will indicate if these hazardous bacteria are present in your home’s water.

When it comes to water contamination, the worst offenders are coliform bacteria, nitrates, lead/other metals and arsenic. These can all be especially dangerous when consumed through drinking water or absorbed by the skin. Your home should be a place where you can feel safe, which makes safeguards in your home’s water system so important.

The Eye Test

Another sure-fire way to know if your home is being infiltrated by impure water is by taking a look at the laundry when it comes out of the washing machine and the pipes under your home’s sinks. The presence of harsh metals such as manganese, copper, and iron can lead to stained pipes and laundry. The severity of the stains that you see are directly related to the amount of these harsh chemicals in your home’s water system.

While the eye test can indicate that these chemicals may be present in your home, a professional test can indicate the details of their presence. A specimen analysis will inform our team of water quality professionals about the best steps to take to save your laundry and plumbing from unsightly stains.

Keeping the Trash Outside

No matter how many state and federal regulations exist, there is no way to completely remove the danger created by dumps, landfills, and factories to a home’s water system. There is a wide variety of toxins that can find their way into your home if you live close enough to one of these facilities.

Total dissolved solids, also known as TDS, sulfate, chloride and other metals, can all make their way into your home through the water system. These chemicals can cause both health risks and annoying inconveniences to your everyday life.

Taste Tests

Nothing is better on a hot Florida day than coming inside and having a nice glass of ice water. That feeling of cold, soothing relief may be short-lived, however, if your water smells and tastes like a cocktail of harsh, dangerous chemicals.

Hydrogen sulfide coursing through your home’s plumbing system can wreak havoc on the pipes within the plumbing system. Not only do the presence of these chemicals create a foul taste or smell, but pipe corrosion can also add to the issue. Instead of waiting to experience a big gulp of foul-tasting water, have your home’s water regularly tested to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Rapid Water Filtration Wear

If you already have safeguards in place to protect the purity of your home’s water, you’re certainly ahead of the game. However, if the filters and other water treatment equipment that you have installed are wearing out quickly, it means that your home may have an issue with pH and other corrosion-causing chemicals.

Ensuring that the water in your home is safe for drinking and other uses is one of the most responsible things you can do as a homeowner. Fortunately, our team of water treatment professionals can help you with that goal. Contact us at Aqua Plumbing Sarasota today to inquire about our free water testing for your home.

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