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Having clean, safe drinking water in your Sarasota, Florida, home is critical to your family’s health. Rather than simply assuming that the water in your home is safe, take a proactive approach instead. Learn about four reasons your family will benefit from a complimentary water analysis.

Dangerous Natural Minerals

Whether you rely on Sarasota’s public water supply or you pump your own water from a private well, your water could be contaminated with harmful chemicals. Keep in mind that when it comes to chemicals and minerals, natural doesn’t always mean safe. In fact, a long list of naturally occurring substances can compromise your home’s water supply.

Nitrates, for example, can occur naturally in ground water pumped from a well. High concentrations can be especially problematic for babies, small children, and pregnant women. Radon, another naturally occurring substance, resides in soil, rock, and underground water. Consuming or inhaling this tasteless and odorless element can be deadly, so it’s important to know whether radon resides in your drinking water. Naturally occurring arsenic can also seep from rocks and soil into your drinking water, one of the most common ways to inadvertently consume this toxic substance.

If you’re worried about exposing yourself or your family to these chemicals and minerals, a water test is a straightforward and easy solution. In fact, a complimentary water analysis from Aqua Plumbing and Air will detect these substances, and it won’t cost you a thing.

Agricultural Chemicals

Even with the trend toward natural, organic growing methods, many farmers in the Sarasota area rely on pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals. While these agricultural substances assist with growing and production, they can also prove dangerous to the drinking water supply. Large concentrations of nitrates can also result from heavy fertilizer use, animal feedlots, and even food processing. If you live near an agricultural area, you may be at risk of exposure to these chemicals in your drinking water.

If your water test results indicate unhealthy concentrations of chemicals in your water supply, you’ll have several water treatment solutions to consider. A water technician from Aqua Plumbing and Air can walk you through your treatment options, which typically include drinking water filtration systems and reverse osmosis filtration systems. Both can produce safe, healthy results, depending on the elements you’re dealing with.

Manufacturing Substance Leaks

While many nitrate deposits are naturally occurring, they can also result from industrial production or car exhaust. If you live near an industrial area, a gas station, a busy intersection, or even a high-traffic area, you may be at risk for high nitrate concentrations in your drinking water. Numerous other chemicals like mercury, aluminum, beryllium, and manganese can also result from industrial production and waste, potentially causing lung, kidney, and nervous system problems when consumed over time.

If you believe that your drinking water is contaminated by these industrial chemicals, keep in mind that you can’t remove them simply by boiling your water supply. Instead, you can remove these substances from your water and make it safe to drink with a high-quality water filtration system. Nitrates and some other chemicals respond well to reverse-osmosis water filtration systems. These systems force your water through a membrane that captures nitrates, lead, metals, and other large particles. Clean, filtered water resides in a tank under your sink, ready to provide you with contaminant-free water for drinking and cooking.

Septic System Malfunctions

Whether you or your neighbors use a septic system, a compromised or leaky tank can cause dangerous soil and groundwater contamination. Coliform bacteria, one of the most common indicators of domestic sewage leaks, can lead to serious health problems including dysentery, cholera, and even polio.

If a complimentary water analysis indicates the presence of coliform bacteria or other contaminants from septic tanks, you’ll need to combine a disinfection system with a water filtration system. Remember to retest your water for coliform bacteria at least annually to ensure your treatment system works effectively.

No matter if you pump your water supply from a well or you draw from the Sarasota city water supply, we’re here to help ensure the safety of your water. Call Aqua Plumbing and Air to schedule a complimentary water analysis: (941) 306-3715.

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