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Whether your Sarasota, Florida, home is newer or older, you’ll likely encounter a plumbing issue or two over the years. Learn about these four common bathroom plumbing problems, and know when it’s time to call the pros.

Slow Drain

Both bathroom tubs and sinks can fall victim to slow drains, especially if they accumulate debris and other matter over many weeks or months. Remove the stopper or pop-up and clean off any attached debris before taking more drastic measures. Keep in mind that when you purchase a plumbing maintenance program, you’ll receive automatic assistance with stoppages and plumbing repairs.

Low Pressure

One of the more common bathroom sink problems, low pressure is often an easy one to fix. To find the source of the issue, determine if both cold water and hot water are affected by low pressure. If they are, try removing the faucet aerator, cleaning any debris or deposits, and putting it back in place.

Faucet Drips

A leaky faucet in the sink or bathtub can be more than just annoying. Over time, it can cause you to waste significant amounts of water, and it can also signal other growing issues. Since it can be tough for the average homeowner to determine whether a leak signals high water pressure, a broken valve, or poor drainage, it’s best to call a plumber for a professional take on the situation.

Knocking Pipes

Hearing the sound of knocking pipes while you’re running a bath, washing your hands, or taking a shower can be the sign of a larger issue. A knocking sound often indicates that the pipes in your bathroom are under pressure even after use or that the pipes have unusually high water pressure. Since high pressure can force the pipes to move, bend, and shift, this isn’t an issue to take lightly. Call an experienced plumber to get to the bottom of the issue as soon as possible.

Do any of these plumbing problems sound familiar? The experienced professionals at Aqua Plumbing and Air are here to help. Call us for all your plumbing repairs and repiping needs today: (941) 306-3715.

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