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A variable-speed HVAC system has an air handler with several settings instead of just one speed. It can change its rate to match your Lakewood Ranch, Florida, home’s heating and cooling needs, so it’s more efficient than a conventional system. Two-stage units are similar. They have two separate compressors instead of one with multiple speeds. Variable-speed HVAC systems can provide energy savings, humidity control, low noise levels, and comfort for you and your family.

Energy Savings

Variable-speed heaters and air conditioners are more expensive than single-speed systems, but the energy savings they provide make the investment worth it. Traditional systems turn on and off more often than variable-speed models because they only have one setting.

A variable-speed system can lower your utility bills in summer and winter by staying on at a mostly constant speed. This uses less energy than a conventional HVAC system uses to start and stop working frequently. It also reduces potential wear and tear, preventing inconvenient, expensive breakdowns and making variable-speed units last longer than most conventional systems. A variable-speed HVAC system can even increase the value of your home.

Humidity Control

Heaters and air conditioners both dehumidify the air in your home along with conditioning it. Since variable-speed systems stay working more often than traditional systems, they’re better at removing excess moisture. Humidity often returns when conventional systems stop running. It can attract bacteria and pests like cockroaches and silverfish. It can lead to bad smells and swollen or rotted wood furniture or floors.

Dehumidifying your home’s air with a variable-speed system will also make you and your family feel cooler. Sweat evaporates faster in dry air, increasing comfort levels.

Low Noise Levels

Many HVAC systems make a loud noise when they start or stop working, and the air handler is noisy and distracting. Since variable-speed systems don’t always work at full speed, they’re much quieter. They work more often, so you won’t be startled by as many sudden changes in the background of your home. They also won’t disturb light sleepers. Most people don’t even notice the sound of a variable-speed HVAC system. Most of the time, the fan is much slower than the fan in conventional system air handlers.


A traditional HVAC system runs at high speed until the temperature in your home matches the setting on your thermostat. It turns on again after your house becomes a few degrees too warm or too cold. The fluctuating temperatures can make you and your family uncomfortable. They also encourage people to use their heaters and air conditioners more. A variable-speed system can keep your home’s temperature and humidity almost constant. Since it works more often at a lower speed, temperature fluctuations are less noticeable.

More air passes through a variable-speed system’s filter, removing more contaminants than a conventional system, increasing your indoor air quality. The extra airflow makes whole-home dehumidifiers and air purifiers connected to your ductwork more useful. It also increases the effectiveness of UV air cleaners.

You may need to change your system’s air filter more often, but your home will have less dust. You won’t need to clean as frequently, and your electronics will stay in better condition. You and your family will also have fewer health problems. Pollutants like pollen and dust won’t be able to cause asthma or allergy symptoms, rashes, headaches, or fatigue.

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