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Summer is almost here, bringing with it warmer, wetter weather and all the excitement of the season. While you enjoy the fun that summer offers, sometimes you need to escape the heat into the cool haven of your Sarasota home. Build a more comfortable, efficient, and healthier home by kicking down these three barriers to summer comfort.

Lack of HVAC Maintenance

Since your HVAC system is the heart of comfort in your home, it can also become a significant barrier to your comfort without proper care. Over time, the strain your unit experiences as it tries to maintain comfort in your home will take its toll, wearing down components and causing damage. Without maintenance to remedy these issues, your HVAC system will struggle to maintain comfort and will simultaneously increase your utility costs.

During a professional maintenance appointment, our service technicians will identify areas of wear and tear and, if necessary, repair such damage. They can also refill your refrigerant, clean the interior of your unit, calibrate your thermostat, help you isolate habits that may be exacerbating HVAC damage, and much more. Most importantly, HVAC maintenance fixes problems caused by a lack of maintenance, resulting in better comfort for you and your family.

Air Leaks

Your air conditioner works hard to supply your home with the cool air that you need. But if that air doesn’t stay where it belongs, your unit will push itself to compensate, and to no avail. That effort will increase strain on your system, potentially leading to further wear. The leaks will allow warm summer air to infiltrate your cool home. Air can leak out in many areas of your home, maybe around doors and windows that aren’t adequately sealed, in unfinished areas like your attic, or in your duct system.

Isolating air leaks can be difficult. You can plug air leaks around windows or doors by resealing around them. If you see light coming through corners of walls in your attic, that’s also a sure sign of an air leak. Finding leaks in your air ducts is more difficult, though reduced comfort and higher utility costs could be a symptom of such leaks. Our team here at Aqua can help you find out if you have these air leaks.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

It’s hard to get comfortable when you’re constantly sneezing and running out of tissues due to dirt and dust particulates and other allergens floating around in your home’s air. Poor indoor air quality is always a threat to comfort, but you should watch out for specific IAQ threats in the summer. Following the bloom of spring, more pollen and other allergens float around, and those allergens can easily make their way into your home. Keep those allergens from affecting you by removing your shoes when you enter your home and by cleaning fabrics often.

Since your pets are likely to be spending more time outside in the summer, they could also be bringing in these hazardous particles. Pets can also spread dander through your home. To mitigate both of these threats to indoor air quality, clean your pet often and keep them out of certain areas of your home so you’re guaranteed a healthy, comfortable environment when your allergies flare up.

Your HVAC system also plays an important role in indoor air quality, but if you’re not performing maintenance on your unit, it can also become a barrier to high IAQ. If your HVAC filter is getting clogged, then you’ll likely have more dust and debris blown through your home, and your energy efficiency will drop. Change those air filters monthly and, if you’re especially susceptible to indoor air hazards, consider installing a whole-home air cleaner, which will catch more particles and more effectively purify your air.

Summer is for backyard barbecues, vacations, and relaxation. Don’t let these barriers keep you from enjoying all that a comfortable summer can offer. To improve your comfort with professional HVAC maintenance, call Aqua Plumbing & Air at (941) 306-3715.

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