Free Water Testing

Free Drinking Water Tests for Sarasota, FL and Surrounding Communities

The safety of your home’s water supply is crucial to your family’s health and well-being. Particularly when used for drinking, your water needs to be clean, clear and free from harmful contamination. Unfortunately, the water pumped into many Sarasota, FL homes today contains questionable substances. And wells are not the only water sources that fall into this category. Even municipal water supplies often contain a number of harmful contaminants.

Child Drinking Clean Water

Water Safety

Many potentially harmful microscopic organisms and dissolved inorganic substances could be lurking in your water, whether it comes from a well or from your city’s water supply. Particularly if you live within five miles of a gas station, factory, farm or cemetery or if you have a septic system/leach field on your property, you are more likely to find certain substances in your drinking water that not only do not promote health but, in fact, do just the opposite. Agricultural and industrial waste products, pesticides, human and animal wastes can all contaminate groundwater, making water supplies less-than-safe to drink. Even heavily fertilized lawns can contribute to the problem of groundwater contamination.

Several of the worst water contamination offenders, which can harm human health but are easily detected through high-quality water testing, follow:

  • Coliform bacteria
  • Nitrate (in high concentrations)
  • Lead and other toxic metals
  • Arsenic (a metalloid)

Our Free Water Test

An experienced Aqua water evaluation consultant will visit your home and carefully collect a specimen for analysis. The free water test we use will detect many contaminants the presence of which can alert you to the need for water treatment. The certified evaluation results we provide will arm you with the knowledge you need to select the water-treatment system that will rid your water of the unhealthy contaminants it harbors. Whether you opt to use one of our water filtration systems to remove contamination or our analysis gives your water a clean bill of health, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your water is safe. Our water treatment systems are easy on the environment, helping you make a difference twice: first, by purifying the water for your own family’s health and safety, and second, by reducing your family’s ecological impact.

The Aqua Commitment to Water Quality

At Aqua, we care about the water our Sarasota area neighbors use for drinking, cooking, dishwashing and personal hygiene. We feel you have a right to know exactly what’s in the water you use every day. That’s the most important reason we offer complimentary water testing. It’s also one of the many ways we partner with you to raise the quality of life your family enjoys, bringing your home that much closer to becoming the haven of health and comfort that it was intended to be.